Yamaha PSR-E263 Review: Best Yamaha Beginner’s Keyboard?

If you are looking for Yamaha PSR-E263 review then you are at the right place. The 61-key PSR-E263 is an affordable keyboard designed for new and young players. This is a great way to learn a digital keyboard because it has all the features that one would expect from a more advanced keyboard, including instrument voice, compatibility styles, polyphony, recording capabilities, and more.

However, these capabilities are more limited in number and easier to implement, so that newcomers can learn both analog and digital musical styles, playing and experimentation before upgrading to more complex instruments.

Because it is lightweight and can be powered by AC or battery, it can be easily carried anywhere and played indoors or outdoors. And all of this is available at an amazingly reasonable price. In this Yamaha PSR-E263 review article we’ll give you a complete Yamaha PSR-E263 review. Let’s get started.


Specification of PSR-E263


For beginners of all ages, the Yamaha PSR-E263 is an ideal primary measuring instrument. It is expensive and helps you to make music easily. The PSR-E263 is available in a compact portable design and easy operation and is a perfect keyboard that is packed with powerful features. It has 61 notes on its keyboard and offers up to 400 instrumental voices with high levels of sound from iconic grand pianos. But keep your expectations in check, don’t expect words to sound like YDP 144, 163, or P 125.


Yamaha PSR-E263 design



Sound Quality

The Yamaha PSR E263 does not lock sound as most entry-level keyboards lack the built-in speaker sound quality but the Yamaha PSR E263 does not. Ultra-wide stereo gives a great extended sound. The sound is crispy and crystal clear even when you are running it at maximum volume. However, I think the words aren’t that sharp but let’s say E263 comes in at around $120, and it doesn’t seem fair to expect all these little details. Some of the notable quality effects are the reverberation and the chorus that open new doors for creativity and exploration.

Size & Weight

The PSR-E263 is a mid-range model of the Yamaha Portable series, the height of the PSR-E263 is approximate: 4-3 / 16 inches. You can easily move in the spear. It weighs about 8.7 pounds and is about 37 inches wide.


PSR-E263 allows you to move more towards the digital and connected world. On the back end, you’ll find an Ax Line input for connecting an mp3 player to play with your favorite songs. The perfect hour for writers is 3 AM, also called the hour of creativity, artists, and designers so what would you do if your inner pianist soul wanted to play some music at 3 AM?


With a duo keyboard, you can split the keyboard for two players, suitable for music lessons or duets. A built-in metronome also helps newcomers keep time.



  • 400 high-quality voices, 130 styles of auto-accompaniment
  • The book contains 112 songs and is available for web download
  • Nine-Step Lesson Function (Yamaha Education Suite)
  • Master EQ / Ultra Wide Stereo
  • Centralized takeaway design battery option (AAx6)


  • 400 clear and fresh voices
  • 9-step lesson system
  • Recording feature
  • Dual-mode that changes one piano into two type
  • Compact layout
  • Doesn’t come with a power cord
  • Accompaniment sounds are too loud
  • Lacks USB and MIDI inputs


Let’s Watch a Video Review!


Additional Accessories

Power Supply

With Yamaha PSR-E263 you should always use the manufacturer’s power supply. If you want to buy it separately, it is available as a bundle with the keyboard or as a standalone item on Amazon.

Yamaha PSR-E263 Bundles

If you want to get an affordable seat and music stand for the Yamaha PSR-E263, you can get the Yamaha PSR-E263 bundle, which includes a seat, stand and power supply in a convenient package, the price is equal to the purchase. Items are individual.


There’s no denying that piano practice can be annoying for neighbors and family members, and perhaps newcomers don’t want others to hear their initial mistakes. Headphones are an essential accessory for this keyboard, and OneOdio adapter-free closed-back headphones are a great choice. The over-ear closed-back design improves sound quality and isolation to give players privacy and avoid annoying others.

We have also a detailed review of the 3 Best Headphones for Digital Piano (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide) in case if you want to check that out!

Foot Pedal

A foot paddle is not required when a player is just beginning to learn, it is a great idea to turn it on as soon as possible. The Yamaha FC4A is a reliable, affordable foot pedal designed to complement the PSR-E263 and lets you learn and take advantage of a wide range of keyboard capabilities.


Comparison: Yamaha PSR E263 vs Yamaha YPT260

Yamaha PSRE263 digital pianos are usually about € 17 more expensive than the Yamaha YPT260. There are many similarities between these two models, let’s see it here. First, they both have 61 standard keys and a master EQ. The Yamaha YPT260 also has a 384 sound + 16 drum / SFX kit, similar to the PSR E263. There are also 130 preset styles and 32 polyphonic voices.

One of the small differences is that the YPT model has 112 standard songs, while the PSRE263 has only 102 internal songs. Another is that the YPT 260 model has the following effects: reversal, chorus, and ultra-wide stereo effects. Although the PSR A350 only has chorus and reversal work. Following the analogy, they both have metronome and transposer functions. Also, these two models have a one-touch setting function or “1 touch setting function”. Additionally, the models have a learning function and “Yamaha Education Suite”, moreover, both models have auxiliary audio input, headphone output, and durable paddle input (excluding durable paddle) connections.

The model is equipped with a 2.5 W speaker, both measuring the same dimensions (W x D x H) 940 x 317 x 106 mm and weighing 4 kg. Most

Importantly, this keyboard has music support and a PA130 power supply. Both can be battery operated.


Who the Yamaha PSR-E263 is Most Suitable For?

The Yamaha PSR-E263 is designed for beginners and is especially suitable for young beginners. The Duo keyboard function is perfect for lessons or accompaniment, while the Yamaha education system, built-in song library, and aux-in function provide plenty of opportunities to start and practice advanced music.

For kids, piano practice can be tedious and repetitive, but the alternative practice of playing the same piece with a wide range of vocals on different instruments makes the practice more fun and engaging. It has all the features you’d expect on a digital keyboard, such as Transpose, EQ, Instrument Voice, and Reverb, without the many complicated options and settings that might confuse new players.


Yamaha PSR-E263 Feature


It has a real, powerful Yamaha sound, so it doesn’t sound like a cheap, frustrating keyboard, but still affordable enough that a parent doesn’t have to worry about investing in a device that can’t stick with a baby.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Yamaha PSR-E263 is also very popular with piano teachers, who often carry a keyboard in different classrooms and lesson locations. They appreciate having a portable keyboard that sounds great and has built-in text, keyboard duo functionality, and a metronome. They like the fact that it makes an affordable, reliable, great sound and the kids really enjoy interacting with the device.


Why would you purchase the Yamaha PSR-E263?

If you are a beginner and are anxious to learn piano lessons, but are not sure about going too far without knowing what you need, then PSR is a great deal for you. You don’t have to spend huge sums of money to take piano lessons before you level up on a big-league keyboard or piano. You don’t even have to be melomaniac to be caught by it.

For beginners, a key aspect is the Yamaha Education Lesson function. This learning method makes the piano lesson easy and interesting. And built-in songs and student aids such as listening, time and waiting modes really eliminate the need for a teacher in the first place. A recording mode is another great value for this keyboard. With it, you can capture your game with ease.

The feature that makes a teacher’s job easier is the duo mode. It is ideal for teaching and playing at once on the same keyboard. This function divides the keyboard into two equal parts so that the student can watch and follow the teacher’s game.


Conclusion Yamaha PSR-E263

The Yamaha PSR-E263 is an exceptional keyboard for a young beginner or even an adult beginner. The word is full and rich so that adults will not feel like they are playing with toys. It has a great library of effects and instrumental voices, providing plenty of opportunities to learn and experiment.

And it can be lightweight, compact, and battery-powered, for easy portability wherever you want to take it, including onboard lessons, which means there’s no reason to skip practice.

There’s a reason PSR-E263 enjoys similarly excellent ratings and reviews from students and professionals alike. For the price, it’s a fantastic beginner keyboard, with reliable Yamaha quality on every note.

Happy Playing!

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