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Top 10 Best Digital Pianos Under $500 The Piano Junky

If you are looking for the best digital piano under $500, you have come to the right place. Digital pianos are expensive. To make matters worse, it occasionally seems unrealizable to choose the digital piano that stylishly suits your requirements and budget. ​This is why we have compiled a list of the 5 best digital stage pianos you can get for less than $500.

Despite the fact that it is, our detailed overview will help you narrow down your choice not only to the most affordable pianos on the market today but also to the most affordable pianos on the market today any of them are really better and stand out more than the competition. Let’s get started!

1. Yamaha P45

In our best digital piano under $500 review, let’s start with some simple musicians who want some basic things that still sound good. The Yamaha P45 digital piano with weighted action fits this description perfectly.

It looks very stylish, without too many buttons or any extras, which not only makes it cheaper but also slimmer, it does not take up much space, which is always good! Although it is simple and affordable, it does not look like it. The price cannot be determined based on the appearance alone, and it is easy to be mistaken for a more expensive piano.

Yamaha P45

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This piano is designed to reproduce a grand piano or portable grand piano. Yamaha is committed to making your playing experience as realistic as possible. The keys are accentuated, imitating the feeling of pressing a real key, causing the hammer to hit the string. The harder you press, the louder the sound, with slightly different bass and treble, which brings your music to life and transfers ideas from your mind to the piano.

The sound is very suitable for the price you pay, and there is a small selection of sounds to choose from, such as two different pianos, organs, strings, and harpsichord. If you want to listen to this piano performance and hear all the different sounds, please visit YouTube and check out this video review. It’s long, but before buying this weighted action digital piano, it’s definitely worth paying attention to the factors to consider.


  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • 88 fully weighted keys
  • 10 realistic instrument sounds
  • Natural grand piano sound
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Affordable
  • No built-in recorder
  • Flimsy sustain footswitch
  • The headphone jack is on the back


Why We Liked It

This piano is perfect for those who really want to own an acoustic piano, but due to space reasons or living in an apartment with a neighbor on the other side of the wall, it feels unlikely. This piano provides you with (almost) the same feeling as when you play an acoustic piano, whether it is the feeling or the sound when you press the keys.


2. Alesis Coda Pro

You might have thought that the first piano we saw was right, but with more buttons and fun stuff, isn’t there something to play with? Many pianists prefer the option to change their words at once, which is a good reason for some to have a digital piano instead of a word.

If you’re familiar with this, chances are you’re going to like the Alesis Coda Pro 88key digital piano. It has 20 voices and lets you split or stratify two voices (split mode). This means that if you want to, for example, play the strings with your right hand and the piano with your left, you can do it!

Alesis Coda Pro


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Another good thing about this Alesis Coda Pro 88key digital piano is that it has a teaching method, so if you have a piano teacher who comes to your place or even if you teach students at home, you can do it with a press the button on the bottom edge of the keyboard with a few octaves Go so that when you sit to the left of your student, you can display the keys below but get the sound in the right octave. Don’t lean on your student anymore to try to reach out!

The piano has 88 key and hammer action to make it feel as good as playing an acoustic piano and it has a record mode so it can be a good tool if you want to compose something. There is also a duet mode with 50 music patterns and 60 preset songs. You can connect the piano to the computer with MIDI.


  • Full size 88key digital piano
  • 20 voices
  • Split or layer two voices simultaneously
  • USB-MIDI port
  • New improved design
  • Easy controls
  • Auto turn-off
  • The piano stand has an additional cost
  • Speakers are not really loud


Why We Liked It

We imagine there are many pianists who can benefit from this piano. It is very affordable to consider what you get for your money. This is a deal if you want to teach the piano a little sideways and split the keyboard so you can display the music on the right octave.

Beginners, as well as intermediate players, can have a lot of fun with this piano, and it has got the hammer key action so it feels like playing an acoustic piano. Alessi’s is known for making great pianos for beginners! Keyboard beginners may want to try these beginner-friendly keyboards.


3. Yamaha DGX230

Have you read the first two reviews, getting even more frustrated? Where are all the cool words? Are you one of those people who has to choose at least a few hundred voices to be satisfied with the piano?

Then look no further, it’s time to grant your wish! This digital piano from Yamaha is like a keyboard with piano touch. The Yamaha DGX 489 can offer voice, so none matter what kidney you play, you can find the complete sound for any posture!


Yamaha DGX230

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Yamaha digital pianos are best for beginners and usually have only 76 keys instead of 88, but if you are a beginner or a kid who is a beginner and you are not sure how long you will donate when you want to invest a lot of money Not knowing what to do, the Yamaha DGX is a safe choice that still provides you with an apprentice needs.

If you want to get a piano to try your hand at producing some music, this piano works well for that purpose and can be connected to your computer via a USB connection.


  • Portability
  • Multi-functional display
  • 6-track recorder
  • 489 voices
  • Great connectivity
  • Great reverb effects
  • Cheap
  • Limited EQ options

Why We Liked It

We would recommend these pianos for beginners who want to find something cheap to get started. Players who have played for a while will probably not be satisfied because the keys do not hammer action and it is not in accordance with the full-size keys.


4. Yamaha P71

Next up is an Amazon exclusive piano, called the Yamaha P71. It has 88 weighted keys and 10 different words. It allows you to layer two voices together so you can feel like the band of one person you always wanted to be!

Yamaha P71

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Perhaps the best thing about this piano is that it is very light and thin, so if you don’t have too much space, you can actually put it under your bed or sofa or some other empty space and put it on a table whenever you want to play.

If you want to connect this piano to a computer you can do it via USB, this is great if you want to try to compose something.


  • Compact design
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Good Connectivity options
  • Fully weighted keys
  • Affordable price
  • 88key digital piano
  • Weighted keys
  • Slim and light
  • No Recording features
  • There is no LED display


Why We Liked It

If you always want a piano but don’t always find an excuse to get one; “We don’t have room for anyone”, “They’re too loud”, “It’s too expensive”, then this piano that suddenly takes all the excuses!


5. Yamaha P Series P35B

The next piano corresponds to number one on our list, the Yamaha P45. The biggest difference between the two is that only 32 notes of P35 are polyphony- half of P45! So what is polyphony?

So imagine that you press the surviving paddle with your foot and play 32 notes one after the other, how many sounds can be at the same time. Considering this, you can understand that the more advanced a pianist is, the better the polyphony he needs. This means that this piano is probably the best for newbies who don’t have to worry about such things!

Yamaha P Series P35B

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The P45 has better sound, as it is really an upgrade from the P35. So what does this mean? Why would anyone buy a P35 when the P45 is around and a little better? Of course, it comes down to price. The P45 is a bit better, but it’s a bit more expensive.


  • 88key digital piano
  • Weighted keys
  • Affordable
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Doesn’t have recording ability
  • Could be better quality
  • Low octaves are too bass-filled


Why We Liked It

We recommend that you buy this piano instead of the P45 because it is an upgraded version. However, if you want to save some money, you probably need to go to Amazon and compare prices.

We have also a detailed review of the top 10 best digital pianos under $1000 in case if you want to check that out!

6. Yamaha YPG-235

Another piano that is great if you are looking for a hybrid between a digital piano and a keyboard is the Yamaha YPG-235. It has 76 keys, so it’s not full size, but close enough for many. The keys aren’t weighted hammer feat, so this piano is more able for current music like pop and rock.

Yamaha YPG-235

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This piano has about 500 different voices, 160 music styles that follow along with the songs you play and 30 preset songs make it ideal even for a named genre and if you need a musical instrument to record your music, this is a great option. It connects to your computer via a USB association.

The only downside to being aware of this is that power adapters are sold separately. You can either buy one or use AA batteries.


  • Portability
  • Multi-functional display
  • 2-way speaker system with 6W + 6W amplifiers
  • 489 built-in sounds
  • 6-track MIDI recorder
  • 160 preset styles
  • Built-in recording feature
  • Semi-weighted keys (no hammer action)
  • 32-note polyphony
  • No Sustain Pedal or AC Adapter is included


Why We Liked It

This piano/keyboard is suitable for anyone who wants to be able to use many different sounds, for example when creating their own music. This is not a suitable instrument for someone who practices classical music or anyone else for a few hours every day, but for someone who needs access to a keyboard for a variety of musical purposes. This is a great keyboard in this price range.


7. Artesia PA-88W

It’s time to watch another simple but outstanding digital piano. The Artesia PA-88W is a genuinely light and slim-jim piano that takes up minimum space, which is perpetually beautiful. It’s easy to use and even though it has only eight voices, you can connect it to your iPad’s garage band to get access to all the words in the app which is quite great!

Artesia PA-88W

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Digital Grand Piano Sound is a three-tiered sample that enriches the tone and it sounds as good as you might expect at this price point.


  • Lightweight and travel friendly
  • Compatible with the music app and learning software
  • Good weight action for beginners
  • 8 different voices
  • Doesn’t come with a pedal or power supply
  • Sounds better with headphones on


Why We Liked It

If you want to be able to keep an acoustic piano, this is a piano, but you need the advantages of a digital one. Artesia PA-88W sounds good and it is very easy to use. If you don’t want an abundance of buttons that you don’t have what they are, you’ll love this piano!


8. Casio Privia PX160

If you like the last piano but want a few different ones, check out the Casio Privia PX160BK 88 key digital piano. It is very thin and simple and a really good option for a real acoustic piano. The 18 different words that you can choose are really nice and the speaker system is very good for the price.


Casio Privia PX160

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One of the stylish effects about this piano is that it isn’t simply available in black, but alike in a gold/ champagne color which is really great. This piano can be easily connected to a tablet or computer via MIDI USB.

Another great thing about it is that it has a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, so if something should go wrong with it, it’s all taken care of, which is nice to know.


  • 88key digital piano
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 18 voices
  • USB connection with MIDI control
  • Slim and light-weight
  • Great Built-in Speakers & speaker system
  • No display
  • Flimsy sustain pedal


Why We Liked It

Again we have a piano that is perfect for someone who really just wants a simple piano and wants to be able to reduce the volume and try a few different words for a while. It is compact and easy to bring with you when needed and it takes up little space in an apartment. See the Casio Privia PX350 as an alternative.


9. Alesis Recital Pro

Perhaps you are a beginner who wants to learn to play at home when your time is up? With Alesis Recital Pro you get a one-month premium subscription for interactive online piano lessons, which is good for you to get started.

Alesis Recital Pro


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This piano has 88 cm-weighted keys and adjustable touch response. It is also possible to combine two words to introduce some beautiful layers. The keyboard can be divided into lesson modes so that a teacher can display music in the right octave.

If you want to use this piano for recording, you can connect it to a computer via USB MIDI.


  • Fully-sized 88-key keyboard
  • Can run on batteries
  • 128-note polyphony
  • Good variety of sound effects
  • USB MIDI control
  • Split mode
  • Touch responsive
  • Fully-weighted keys aren’t particularly impressive
  • Build quality is passable at best


Why We Liked It

It’s a well-sounding piano that really works for any pianist. If you want something basic that does what the box says, this is the way to go!


10. RockJam 61-Key

Last … and probably RockJam. It has only 61 keys and is really an upgrade from a toy piano to something a bit more instrumental. Buy a good piano if you want to see if your kids are interested in learning to play a few tunes, and it has 100 different words and 100 rhythms that they can play. It comes with a stand, headphones, a mall, and 30 free songs in the Piano Maestro app for the iPad, which is a really good app!

RockJam 61-Key

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  • One hundred beats are available
  • Built-in speakers
  • Additional big LCD screen
  • Stand and seat included
  • Very affordable
  • The seat provided is a bit flimsy
  • There is no USB connection


Why We Liked It

This piano is for little kids who just want to play with it. It’s more like a toy than a proper piano.


Final Thoughts

All of the above featured digital pianos are not only budget-friendly but also designed to deliver improved performance so that users do not have to compromise on quality. Depending on your musical playing skills, you can always choose the appropriate best digital piano under $500 depending on your style and preferences.

Happy playing!

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