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Many people are looking for their first keyboard. They are looking for the best piano keyboard under $100. If you are not sure if you want to continue with the hobby or if you want to get a budget keyboard to see if it is a device for you, a $100 budget is fair.

In the modern age of affordable electronics, finding the best piano keyboard under $100 is very easy and achievable. In this post, we’ve looked at some of the best piano keyboard under $100 option on a budget in this article, and some of them may be surprised at the features they offer. The choice of keyboard pianos has increased significantly in recent years, with some budgeters competing with Yamaha, Casio, and other major piano brands. let’s start!


Number of Keys

This is an important consideration when looking for the best piano keyboard under $100. Key numbers. For this price, you are unlikely to find an alternative with 88 keys. The 88 key is the standard size of a digital or acoustic piano, but at a $100 price point, a keyboard piano is much less likely to have a key.

61 keys or 54 keys are common at alternative prices. When learning to play the piano, you will not have too many restrictions. You can start the learning process on a keyboard of this size, and learn to play with two hands, such as you can play bass notes with one hand and chords with the other, or chords with one hand and melody with the other.

While you won’t find the same range as a digital piano, losing a few octaves for a cheap keyboard isn’t too much of a compromise.


Size and Weight

Many people are looking for portable keyboard options and with the best piano keyboard under $100 price range, there are many keyboard options that are lightweight and portable due to the low key and no need for a huge speaker or control panel.

Lots of affordable keyboard options can be used with a small stand, or simply placed on a desk or tabletop. They provide a lot of flexibility. If you are looking for a piano or digital piano, they can be heavier and take up more space, so you can’t take them to shows and rehearsals as easily as keyboard pianos.


Sounds and Sound Quality

Keyboards often contain many different words or “voices” as they are commonly called. This means that you can play it as if it were a different instrument, organ, string, and even sounds like brass or synth. Many of the keyboard lists contain many different words that you can switch between

At $100, you’re unlikely to find the highest quality sound, but this isn’t a problem, especially if you’re looking for a novice keyboard.

A cheap keyboard piano can have a lot of sounds, but getting a great sound engine can cost you a little more. Some of the best digital piano options are created from the acoustic piano with incredibly detailed simulations of audio, sampled at a very high level. They’re also designed to be speed-sensitive, so you can hit the keys harder and harder.


Other Tech Features

One of the great things about the best piano keyboard under $100 on the current market is that they come with some extra technical features. Technology features have become cheaper to implement and keyboards have become more mainstream.

You will notice that it has an LCD screen. It may display information about the song, and may also be able to display information from an app, for example. There are companion apps on many keyboards, they can teach you how to play music or give you many different sound options. A good student’s piano may also have a mode designed for learning, such as an illuminated key.

You can also record directly on a keyboard, which means you can record and listen to your exercises, which is a great way to identify your errors and improve the game over time. To help you play more on time, Metronome comes with lots of digital keyboard options, it can tick your game right away. Most digital pianos and keyboards now have some kind of MIDI/USB support.

They allow you to connect to a computer, even a tablet, via USB, and use it as a controller to control your DAW or other music software.


Best piano keyboard under $100 – Reviews

1. Casio SA-76


Casio SA-76

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The Casio SA-76 is a small digital piano keyboard designed specifically for kids to learn and have fun. The octave number is limited to 44 keys. Also, the keys are small mini-keys that are ideal for young players with little fingers. The form factor is great for new players with two speakers. There is also a built-in LCD display that shows which notes are useful for studying.

A great way to learn to play with a rhythm track. Luckily, the Casio SA-76 has five dedicated buttons for the drum sound. You can play the drum pad manually. Thus, a second child or parent can deliver the drum and another child can play at the same time. There is an on / off lesson function to teach the melody and there are 10 demo songs inside the keyboard. The notes you play are displayed, and it can help kids learn notes and then play.

The Casio SA-76 is a solid keyboard for young players, and it’s fun to use. As the first instrument, it is inspiring and hard enough to survive under the pressure of the key until the child learns to use a little subtlety in their play style. This keyboard is battery-powered and highly portable. What’s more, with a set of headphones, it can easily be a great distraction in a car ride.


  • 100 sounds and 50 rhythms to choose from
  • 10 built-in songs to play along with
  • An easy-to-read LCD display to assist learning
  • 44 mini keys. Great for small fingers
  • No power adaptor is included with this keyboard



2. Casio CTK-2550full-sized


Casio CTK-2550

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The Casio CTK-2550 is a fantastic portable keyboard piano with 61 full-size keys. This keyboard weighs just 7.3 pounds so it can be taken while driving or practicing. The build quality is good for the price, and gamers will need a soft keyboard case or original packaging to keep the keyboard safe during shipping. Casio has a long and well-respected track record for creating beginner digital keyboards, and the CTK-2550 continues this legacy.

The CTK-2550 has a “step-up lesson system” that raises up a new player and runs faster with music basics and playing techniques. The LCD screen is easy to read, and the player can see which keys to play, which keys to represent, and where to place their fingers. But education does not stop there. Casio has created its Chordana Play app to provide more support to students. The app displays piano roll notation and can play musical scores and tracks that the player wants to learn on the device of your choice.

Another useful feature is the “Dance Music Mode”, which has 50 built-in rhythms to play with and different sounds and effects to try. This feature can be used to create new electronic dance music, it is inspiring and a lot of fun.


  • You can choose from 400 sounds and 100 rhythms
  • The “Start-up Lesson System”
  • The “Dance Music Mode”
  • Access to the Chordana Play App
  • 61 full-sized piano-style keys to play
  • The keys are light action and non-weighted
  • This keyboard is only suitable for beginners



3. RockJam 54 Key Keyboard


RockJam 54 Key Keyboard

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The RockJam54 keyboard weighs just 8.2 pounds, making it extremely portable. It can also be used with batteries or the supplied AC adapter. As the name suggests, there are 54 full-size keys to play with. This is a good keyboard for newcomers. There is an embossed set of keynote stickers and the blue backlit LCD is centrally located and easy to read. RockJam has included a convenient music stand to hold musical notation while the player develops to a stage where they can read music.

The LCD screen lets the player see which keys and cords are being played and there may be a beat point time. There are interactive learning modes that help the new player learn some useful songs. Once they are mastered, they may graduate in more complex parts. A companion “Piano Maestro” iOS app is available that lets new players learn faster. A pair of stereo speakers and a headphone output jack allow the user to practice both public and private.

This is a great role for keyboards, with lots of features to help and new users learn to play to a decent standard. But, sadly, the words are rather unprepared, and they are not up to the standard of other digital piano keyboards in the price range below 100.


  • You can choose from 100 sounds and 100 rhythms
  • Access to the Piano Maestro iOS app
  • An easy-to-read blue backlit LCD display
  • 54 full-sized keys to practice fingering and spacing easily
  • Lackluster sounds
  • The included music rest feels flimsy



4. Alesis Melody 61-key Keyboard


Alesis Melody 61-key Keyboard


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Alesis has a long-standing reputation as a professional instrument and audio equipment manufacturer. They also bring that skill to the budget keyboard range. Besides, the Alesis Melody 61Key Keyboard offers a lot of money because it’s an all-in-one package for new players. This package includes a keyboard, a set of headphones, a microphone, an adjustable bench, and an X-shaped stool.

This keyboard has a recording function that allows you to record all your performances. So you can then play it again to check your progress and see where the chances of improvement are. Also, the supplied microphone can be used to record songs for full performance recording. What’s more, the price range has more tones than many other keyboards. In addition, two words can be layered to design a whole new tone.

It’s a great keyboard at an affordable price. This is a solid offer for complete newbies or kids who are upgrading from more basic child-based devices. Since it is a complete package, it is easy to get up and run quickly.


  • 300 sounds and rhythms to choose from
  • Two sounds can be layered to create new tones
  • Includes stand, bench, microphone, and headphones
  • The recording function is fun
  • 2 months of Taking Lessons included
  • The keys feel a little cheap
  • There is no output to add a sustain pedal



5. Plixio 61-key Electic Music Keyboard Piano

Plixio 61-key Electic

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This Plixio keyboard has 61 full-size keys, and yet is extremely portable, and weighs just 7 pounds. The keyboard can be powered by the included power supply or battery. There are plenty of features to help new and intermediate players improve their skills and the sound quality for a keyboard at this decent price is acceptable. There is a lesson mode option that can teach a new player enough to get started, and the included music stand is ready when the student wants to try new music.

As one might expect, this is not a premium-grade keyboard at this price. However, the sound quality is good, and there is enough functionality to keep a new and intermediate player employed. Portability is very useful, and it could easily be the first gigging keyboard for a new player in a band. Later, key sizes will be useful for learning and developing fingerprinting and spacing techniques for playing the piano or other full-size keyboard instruments.


  • You can choose from 40 sounds and 100 rhythms
  • USB connectivity to expand the sound palette
  • 60 demo songs to learn
  • 61 full-sized keys to learning great playing skills
  • Very light and portable
  • The keys are nice, but not heavy




What Types of Educational Features are Available for Under $100?

Most keyboards in the sub $ 100 price range target children and/or newcomers. For this reason, many keyboards have educational features that teach a perfect beginner how to play a basic standard. This is often facilitated by built-in text mode or tutorial songs, but increasingly we are seeing dedicated apps that are accessed via phone or tablet.

These features are not a substitute for music lessons, but you can learn an amazing amount, and playing at a very early level is certainly possible. Some keyboards are entirely for kids, they often have small keys, and they look like toys, but even these devices have fun features that encourage learning.


What kind of basic features can you expect from a $100 keyboard?

If you want to spend less than $ 100 on just one keyboard to measure interest in the game, you might be wondering what you can reasonably expect for such a decent investment. As you can see from the list of our keyboards in this price range, you can get several features for the money.

Some of the keyboards on our list feature 61 full-size speed-sensitive keys, an included stand, a headphone output, stereo speakers, and interactive learning features. The word may not be the best at this price point. What’s more, the quality of the keys can be compromised. But these instruments can still be played. So, in our opinion, you will get an awful lot of instruments for very little money.


What type of features can you find on a more expensive keyboard?

The quality of the tones, keyboard action, and integrated learning features gradually improve as you begin to spend more money. As soon as you reach the $500 plus price range you start to see 88 fully weighted keys that look very much like pianos. For a keyboard priced at $1000 or more, a real full-size digital piano with beautiful sound and more learning features are available to take your gaming experience to the next level.

However, investing in an expensive instrument that you do not often play is a waste of money. This is the beauty of a cheap keyboard; If new players are inspired and want to learn more, it will be clear that you need to upgrade in the future. But, if that keyboard just collects dust in a corner or under the bed, you’ve only spent less than $100.


How to choose a keyboard for beginners?

This is a vital question, each person and situation is different, and the keyboard will certainly meet those individual needs. Broadly speaking, the answer to this question will vary depending on whether the new player is a child or an adult.



As you can see, there is no need to spend a lot of money to get the best piano keyboard under $100 which is good for students and beginners. The models discussed in this article have a variety of learning functions, tones, tones, etc, some come with stands, stools, etc.

For a hundred dollars, you can find a variety of keyboard pianos with many useful functions to help you hang the basic functions of a piano. Normally, you’ll find a 61 key instrument in this price range, but you’ll still find a good practice instrument until you can afford to buy a complete keyboard piano (and how to play one).


You can find more information on digital pianos and reviews, please bookmark our website and visit often. We can’t wait to see you again!

Happy Playing!

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